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The Fallow Deer - Wanted Poster

Characteristics Name: Damhirsch Other names: / Latin name: Dama dama Class: mammals Size: 1.2 - 1.5m Weight: 50 - 90kg Age: 15 - 25 years Appearance: variable color variations, depending on season Sexual dimming: Yes Diet type: Herbivore (herbivor) Food: Leaves, Grasses, Herbs Distribution: Europe, Asia Minor, New Zealand, North America, South America Original Origin: presumably Southern Europe Sleep / wake cycle: depends on distribution Habitat: prefers light forests natural enemies: fox, domestic dog Sexual maturity: ab second year mating season: October - November gestation period: about 230 days litter size: 1 - 3 juveniles social behavior: herd animal threatened with extinction: no You can find further profiles of animals in the Encyclopaedia of Animals.
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3.1.1: Viruses - Biology

Learning ObjectivesDescribe the general characteristics of viruses as pathogensDescribe viral genomesDescribe the general characteristics of viral life cyclesDifferentiate among bacteriophages, plant viruses, and animal virusesDescribe the characteristics used to identify viruses as obligate intracellular parasitesDespite their small size, which prevented them from being seen with light microscopes, the discovery of a filterable component smaller than a bacterium that causes tobacco mosaic disease (TMD) dates back to 1892.
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